Grouply Spam

Grouply fans have been claiming that spam sent by through its “Invite Friends” and “Invite Groups” (messages sent by to Yahoo! Groups posting addresses) are not really sent by Grouply, but by the Grouply subscriber who chooses to use Grouply’s “Invite” feature.

Those spam messages ARE FROM GROUPLY.COM.  The message is generated and sent by by a Postfix routine on their server, with their own IP address as the sole originating source shown in the Internet tracking headers in the message.  The Grouply user’s IP address is not present at all in the headers.  It comes from, a commercial entity sending unsolicited commercial email.

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s definition of spam (“unsolicited commercial email”) the “Invite Group” message is spam.

Spam should be forwarded, with full headers displayed, to the FTC at:
Recipients of spam originating at can also file a complaint to the web host of

Bay Area Internet Solutions

Phone: 408-545-0500
Toll Free: 800-495-0092
February 18, 2008

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