For Parents of Children Using Yahoo! Groups

On: Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:41 am
I wrote:
> It also should be noted that when you join Grouply, BY DEFAULT your
> Grouply profile displays a list (with active links) of ALL GROUPS
> you belong to.  If you are not VERY CAREFUL about changing that in
> the privacy settings, other Grouply subscribers can easily find out
> the other groups where you hold membership.  Got membership in a
> group you’d rather not tell everyone about?  BE CAREFUL!

If a child joins Grouply, what are they going to see on the groups list in the profiles of Grouply subscribers?  Does Grouply restrict connections to adult content?

It appears that Yahoo! had already thought this through when they introduced more social networking features, such as Yahoo! 360.


[begin quote from the link above]
Note: Only “public groups” (where anyone can join the group without approval) can currently be displayed. And groups in the adult categories (such as “Romance & Relationships > Adult” or other category with the word “adult” in it) won’t be displayed.

[end quote]

If your child creates a Yahoo! Group and doesn’t want the public to see it (advisable for a childrens’ group), they can hide it by making it unlisted in the Yahoo Directory.  If that child then joins Grouply and is not very careful about turning OFF the defaulted ON group list display in their profile, then they have just undone the safety feature provided to them by Yahoo!.

For more Yahoo! Safety information and suggestions, see:

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