Who really likes Grouply?

People need to think carefully about what may be the real principles and values involved in the Grouply situation.  So far, I can’t see Grouply being about anything but a money-making scheme.  It does not make life any better for a YG member, and certainly has been nothing but headaches and worries for many very concerned YG owners.But somehow they’ve won the hearts and minds of the mods of these big, popular “groups about groups” like EMailList-Managers and Yahoo_group_of_groups, whose moderators are singing Grouply’s praises (as they also do in the GrouplyImprovements group).

But anybody looking under the hood will find that Grouply is NOT popular with the thousands of members of those groups.  For example:
the EmailList-Managers group at:
has 3,322 members at this moment, and the Grouply case has been debated extensively there.Guess how many members of that group are using Grouply?

Thirty two.  Less than one percent.  And at least two of them are Grouply executives.  So if you discount them, it’s 30 [as of the original date of this writing].  And of that 30, many are likely just poking around in it out of curiosity, not seriously interested in using it or doing serious testing of it.

So, if a large group dedicated to the interests of LIST MANAGERS can’t attract more than one percent of its users to join Grouply, after it
has been one of the hottest topics going in postings there … well, read the writing on the wall.

Heck, even in the new “GrouplyImprovements” group, where Grouply’s biggest fans hang out, there are only 126 total members [as of the original date of this writing], and only about a dozen of them (including at least two Grouply staff, and two moderators singing the praises of Grouply) are using Grouply!  Among those 126 members, most them appear to be concerned group owners wanting to keep an eye on what’s going on rather than people who actually LIKE Grouply and want to help improve it.

But Grouply doesn’t need many members to get access to zillions of postings in Yahoo! Group message archives.  They only need one member in each group to give up their YID and password, Grouply’s key to the back door.

I guess I should run some stats on some of the biggest, hottest groups to show how really such a tiny percentage of people are using Grouply.  That may change over time, but it will never be anything near a majority of YG members.  I’d put money on it never getting above 10%.

It is also telling that there are far fewer defenders of Grouply than there are voices against it, or concerned about its potential risks and negative effects on groups and the lives of group owners.

Yahoo’s silence on the matter is the most disturbing thing of all.  Not enough people are complaining to them, I guess, or to the Federal Trade Commission about Grouply’s spamming tools.

I wonder if Grouply’s investors are watching the message traffic about it.


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