We don’t need your stinking pictures

 … Grouply CEO Mark Robins said that Grouply has “no intention” of hosting, sharing or displaying within the Grouply system any of the content of the “web tools” areas of Yahoo! Groups other than the message archive.  Files, photos, links, database, calendar, and member list are of no interest to Grouply.  They only want to scrape the message archives.

And I bet I know why!  There’s no serious money to be made from context-sensitive ads (e.g. Google AdSense, etc.) on anything but text!  And you can’t target inline message ads to people based on their pictures.

And you can’t collect information on the posting content, habits, interests, topics, and group interests of people as well from their photos and databases as you can from the things they write in messages, whom they write to, when, how often, which messages they reply to, etc.

“Aggregation” and analysis of posting activity provides the aggregator with lots of information about the victims … um, I mean, users … of the aggregator’s system.

If it were really true that Grouply is all about improving members’ experience of Yahoo! Groups, then that experience would include functionality for things other than message posting activity, things that have long been standard parts of Yahoo! Groups member experience.  But message posts are the richest source of context-sensitive ad generation and posting trend analysis from among those things that can be scraped from Yahoo! Groups.


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