Ungrouply Improvements

This message was rejected by the moderator of the GrouplyImprovements
Yahoo! Group on the grounds that is was, in the moderator’s
words, “primarily negative and distrustful.”  That moderator is now
known to be a vocal advocate for Grouply.

> You do have some control thru the proposed owner controls to limit
> whether your group is shown at Grouply at all or whether it’s shown
> in member profiles.

I know the comments I’m about to make may seem off-thread, but I’m
only responding to your comment here on the matter of owner control
and the effect of the proposed/pending opt-out arrangement.

I had more owner control before Grouply arrived on the scene.  Now I
have to follow Grouply’s external, non-Yahoo-governed-or-sanctioned
protocol in order to have Grouply’s permission to retain the former
owner control that Yahoo had granted me.  Hunh?  Wha?

Even after the opt-out procedure is in place, to trust it completely
I’d still have to join Grouply to confirm with certainty that it was
effective, and monitor my group indefinitely for appearance on
Grouply to ensure that I remain opted-out in the future (i.e., retain
my owner control).  All it takes is a little glitch or programming
mistake or accidental data loss to throw my opted-out status into the
null bit bucket, or Grouply could change its mind about the
permission it granted me to opt-out.

In order to effectively monitor whether Grouply’s permission to
retain owner control is remaining in effect, and to do it without
compromising my group and my YID password, I have to jump through
hoops within the Grouply system, too.  That is, each time I go in to
check on my group, I have to do it quickly before they scrape my
archive, and be sure to disconnect my group and delete my password in
Grouply’s settings before leaving, and then go change that password
on my YID … unless I place my blind faith in this company with whom
I did not ask for a relationship in the first place, nor have the
vast majority of my group members (just a few shy of all of them).

Then I’ll have to do the same for every such “aggregator” that comes
along in the future?  Herding cats is not what I signed up for with

I stand with many others in the conviction that the only
right way to do it is true opt-IN, and I feel that should be provided
by Yahoo as an option for all such external services that Yahoo may
decide to allow to integrate with YG.


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