Member Visibility in Grouply

Grouply CEO Mark Robins admits that without their consent, group members who subscribe to can be identified as members of a group even though they turn off all available visibility options in their profile:

Robins says, “There [in Settings > Manage Your Privacy Settings page], your options are to make your search results listing visible to everyone or to just friends and fellow group members. We currently don’t have an option for “no one” there, but we will probably add it.”

Therefore, if they use Grouply, members of a Yahoo! Group that cannot be identified as members VIA YAHOO! GROUPS because the owner set the Member List to “mods only” WILL BE SHOWN to other Grouply subscribers.

It also should be noted that when you join Grouply, BY DEFAULT your Grouply profile displays a list (with active links) of ALL GROUPS you belong to.  If you are not VERY CAREFUL about changing that in the privacy settings, other Grouply subscribers can easily find out the other groups where you hold membership.  Got membership in a group you’d rather not tell everyone about?  BE CAREFUL!

In addition to providing its subscribers with spamming tools, Grouply can be a nifty spying or stalking tool, or easily can be abused for helping identity thieves or privacy invaders, if Grouply subscribers are not VERY CAREFUL to turn off the various defaulted ON data elements in their Grouply profiles, such as the default display of THEIR NAME, among other things.

You’ll “probably add it,” Mark?  Why not commit for certain that it WILL BE ADDED as a NECESSARY PRIVACY PROTECTION?  And why didn’t you
provide it in the first place?


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