Grouply Talk 2

[Posted here by permission of the author, who asked not to be identified.  Another part of a conversation between two moderators.]

… just some follow-up thoughts.

Almost certainly you have only a few Grouply users who might be affected if you use Grouply’s opt-out/disable access routine just released a couple days ago.  Even in massive groups with over 20k members they had less than one tenth of a percent Grouply users each, as of yesterday.  Most groups with 1k-3k members have only one or two Grouply users in them, so far, if any.

Grouply is still in beta, so it hasn’t caught fire yet … and they have enough problems that it may be some time before they do catch on, if ever.  They’re taking a bit of a beating from vocal opponents to their methods.

Meanwhile, I’m not thrilled about the fact that if even just one group member signs up with them, starts mirroring the group’s entire archive and keeps it indefinitely.  Even if you disable access, they still have not installed a means to purge what they had already captured of your archive.  I ran a test with a group that had only one message posted, and it did not get deleted after I disabled access.  They say they are still working on that.

Now I find also that even if a Y! group has its archive access set to mods-only or no access or even no archive at all, Grouply still starts mirroring postings as soon as one member joins them, and makes it available to any/all members of the same group within their site.  That’s an override of moderator control of access to their message archive.  The only way to stop it is for the moderator to use Grouply’s new disable access routine.

Without announcing it to the whole group, you could just quietly disable Grouply’s access, and send a private email to those few Grouply members saying that they can certainly continue as members of your group, just not with their email address.

To find them, search for “grouply” in Management | Memberships.  As it stands now, every Grouply subscriber gets their email address for all their groups changed to when they first subscribe to Grouply.  They can change it back later for any group they want, or it will be changed for them by Grouply’s bot if they unsub from, but that search will tell you how many members at least tried it.  I’m sure it won’t be more than a handful in a group your size.

To block Grouply’s access to your group, see:

That also turns off their spam gun for your group (their “Tell Your Groups about Grouply” feature, which sends an advertisement to the group posting address).

Later, if Grouply turns out to be a safe product some day, and becomes popular among YG users (I doubt it), you can go to that link to re-enable access, too.


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