Grouply One Percenters

After the massive amount of traffic in discussion about Grouply in the EmailList-Managers group …
… right now less than one percent of the 3,322 members of that group (including Grouply staff who are members there) are Grouply users [as of the original date of this writing].  And I KNOW from personal contact with some of them that some have no intention of staying with Grouply.  They are only there to keep an eye on what Grouply is doing it and how they do it, so they can be sure of how to defend their groups from abuses that may arise through Grouply users’ errors.Doesn’t sound like the Grouply story of “improving your experience of Yahoo Groups” is selling very well among LIST MANAGERS.

If you discount the curiosity seekers and spies … gee … how many of those 3,322 members really like Grouply enough to actually use it?


But that’s okay.  Grouply does not need many subscribers.  They only need one member in each group to get access to zillions of postings.

The question is, “For what?”  (Besides Grouply’s dream of making money on the volunteer labors of thousands of group owners.)

One percent of members, 100% access.  Pure genius.

What cracks me up is how often I see those One Percenter Grouply fans posting their defenses of Grouply via their email client, and via the YG Post menu item, but not via Grouply’s interface.  Maybe they find that having one more web site to have to deal with just to be a YG member isn’t all that efficient?


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