Grouply Access Controls for Group Owners

This link should work (the Grouply “group owner opt-out” page):

I agree with the concern expressed by others that we should not have to give Grouply a list of all our groups (which is a pain in the butt, by the way) in order to get them to stay out of our groups, and to prevent our group members from violating the TOS by granting access where they don’t deserve to have it.

But that’s a risk I’m willing to take in order to prevent Grouply access … IF this is really going to work.  I’m going to try it with just one group at first, and confirm whether it worked, from within Grouply with a dummy account I’ll create there.

That still leaves open the question of whether the block will ALWAYS remain effective, and what hoops we have to jump through to check on it in the future.  Grouply has no contractual commitment with us requiring them to maintain the block forever, nor would such a contract exist with a future owner of the company.

The only really right way I see to handle this is for Yahoo! to give us the ability to block them, at OUR end, not at Grouply’s.


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